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2017 Categories

The Kerth Categories

Don’t know which category to nominate a particular story in?

In the past, there has been some discussion about what stories should fit into what category. But hopefully we’ve solved that problem! Each category now has a description that goes along with it to hopefully help you FoLCs understand what stories belong there. If there is still any confusion, feel free to email the Kerth Committee and ask. 🙂

DISCLAIMER: The Kerth Committee does its best to keep these categories unchanged on the ballot, however, we may need to tweak category size requirements or to add, delete or combine categories in order to best represent the nominations that are submitted.

Best Super Short (1-10k): Very short stories.

Best Short Story (11-50k): Short stories of any subject or tone.

Best Mid-Length Story (51-200k): Mid-length stories of any subject or tone.

Best Long Story (over 200k): Long stories of any subject or tone.

Best Revelation Story: Stories which contain a revelation about Clark being Superman. The person finding out can be Lois or any other character.

Best Original / Supporting Character: Rewards a special character from stories which strongly highlight a supporting character from the series or creates a new, interesting character that plays an important role in the story. No size restrictions. (Sorry, but versions – no matter how altered – of Clark or Lois do not qualify as Original or Supporting Characters)

Best First Kiss: No size restrictions.

Best Comedy: No size restrictions.

Best New Author: Limited to authors who first published their Lois & Clark stories in the past year.

Best Overall Story: A story of any type that is outstanding overall. No size restrictions.