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2017 Nominees

Here are this years nominees …

1 of 5 313 Susan Young
A Farmer’s Tale Deadly Chakram
A Stark Conversation Deadly Chakram
Adieu Susan Young
Airport 417 Morgana
Ambivalence 29 Nivafrer
An Incredible Movie Experience 37 Deadly Chakram
Between the Pages VirginiaR
Changing Perspectives NostalgiaKick
Changing the Game NostalgiaKick
Clearing the Air 173 NostalgiaKick
Countdown 117 Mouserocks
Dance With Me 179 Morgana
Don’t Be Cruel 8 Cuidardora
End of an Era Terry Leatherwood
Fallout-2016-Matchmaker Chronicles Vol1 CG3 25 Ken J
Filtering Out Susan Young
Ghost of a Chance 394 AntiKryptonite
Gotham Nights 12 CLeuch
Innocents Queen of the Capes
It’s All About Timing Lieta
It’s Impossible 1 bakasi
Krypton’s Legacy 24 Deadly Chakram
Mamihlapinatapei 34 Susan Young
Mind’s Eye CLeuch
Mirror, Mirror 24 SciFiJoan
Mission on Fifth Street 5 Cuidadora
Muddying the Waters 1 NostalgiaKick
Only a Friend 205 Queen of the Capes
Proposed Ignorance Deadly Chakram
Rising Star Lynn S.M.
Seeking Friendship Lieta
Summer 57 Morgana
Superman GO 41 Deadly Chakram
Tempora Mutantur bakasi
That Old Code of Ours Lieta
The Art of Conversation- Scene 1 VirginiaR
The Assignment Deadly Chakram
The Loser 6 Lois_Lane_Fan
The Naming of Cats 5 Lynn S.M.
The Purloined Paintings 67 Lynn S.M.
The Real Me 80 CLeuch
The Wrong Man NostalgiaKick
Veni, Vidi, Vici 868 Deadly Chakram
When Churches Come Crashing Down (WCCCD) 1000 Folc4evernaday
Winner Takes All (WTA) 15 Folc4evernaday