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2018 Eligibility

Kerth Eligibility Rules

In order to ease some confusion, we, the Kerth coordinators, have decided to put together some clear-cut guidelines for these Kerth awards. Now, believe me, we don’t want to rule and regulate everyone to death. We simply want to make some things clearer for those who’ve asked.

How do I know if my story is eligible?

The L&C Fanfic Kerth Awards run on a calendar year basis, and we use the L&C Fanfic Archive upload date stamp to create its initial eligibility list. That means that stories uploaded to the Archive between January 1 and December 31 of a given year will be eligible for the next spring’s Kerths (i.e. stories released in 2005 will be eligible for the 2006 Kerth Awards.)

However, if you posted your fanfic somewhere on the internet (say, on a different fanfic archive, a mailing list, a message board, etc.), it is indeed eligible, but it is up to the author to email the Kerth Awards coordinator to request that it be included in the eligible list. Due to lack of time, the Kerth coordinators simply cannot peruse list after list of stories in search of those eligible. So if you have a story that was written and posted during the year, email me asking for it to be made eligible, and include the URL where it is able to be read by voters.

DISCLAIMERS: If the author does not request eligibility, the story will automatically appear on the eligibility list during the year in which the story is uploaded to the Archive. (If a story is never uploaded to the Archive, it is up to the author to contact the Kerth Coordinator(s) to request the story be added to the eligibility list for the year the story was released.)

Under no circumstances will an individual story be eligible for multiple years’ Kerth Awards. Individual stories that make up a series may be considered even if the series itself is on-going. Conversely, when considering an on-going series, nominations/votes should be made for only those segments released during that calendar year.

Contact us for any questions.