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Almost that time of year again … 2016 Kerth Awards

As we enter the new year it’s time to think about the Kerths! And with that an updated web site so please excuse us as we prepare for the 2016 Kerth Awards! We’ll keep you posted as nominees and eligible stories are posted. A 🙂

2016 Voting

Thank you for your votes! Tune in to the Kerth Awards to see if your favorites won!!

2016 Schedule

The Kerth Schedule   The quizzes will commence on Monday 11 January and finish on Thursday 18 February. Nominations will run from Saturday, February 20 to Sunday, March 6, midnight EST. Voting will run from Saturday, April 2 to Sunday, April 10, midnight EST. The ceremony will take place on IRC on Saturday, April 23, […]

2016 Nominees

2016 Nominating Stories

Thanks for your nominations! Check back soon for voting!

2016 Eligible Stories

We are missing a few URLs for some fanfics. If you have a link to where a fanfic is found please contact us with the location so the list can be updated. Also, If your fanfic is not listed and you feel it should be, again, please contact us with the fanfic name, the author […]

2016 Eligibility

Kerth Eligibility Rules In order to ease some confusion, we, the Kerth coordinators, have decided to put together some clear-cut guidelines for these Kerth awards. Now, believe me, we don’t want to rule and regulate everyone to death. We simply want to make some things clearer for those who’ve asked. How do I know if […]

2016 Ceremony

2016 Categories

The Kerth Categories Don’t know which category to nominate a particular story in? In the past, there has been some discussion about what stories should fit into what category. But hopefully we’ve solved that problem! Each category now has a description that goes along with it to hopefully help you FoLCs understand what stories belong […]

2016 Kerth Awards

Kerth History What exactly are the Lois & Clark Fanfic Kerth Awards? After many years of reading and writing about our favorite Lois and Clark characters, we FoLCs (Fans of Lois and Clark) decided that having an awards ceremony would be a fun and terrific way to honor those Lois and Clark fanfiction writers who […]