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2018 Nominees

Coming soon …

2017 Nominees

Here are this years nominees … 1 of 5 313 Susan Young A Farmer’s Tale Deadly Chakram A Stark Conversation Deadly Chakram Adieu Susan Young Airport 417 Morgana Ambivalence 29 Nivafrer An Incredible Movie Experience 37 Deadly Chakram Between the Pages VirginiaR Changing Perspectives NostalgiaKick Changing the Game NostalgiaKick Clearing the Air 173 NostalgiaKick Countdown […]

2016 Nominees

The Nominee Short Lists has been announced!!

Hey Everyone, We’d like to announce the Nominee Short Lists. Head on over and see if you favorites have made it. The fanfics are hyper-linked so that you can re-read them before voting time! A 😉

Nominations are over!

Nominations for the 2015 Awards are now closed! Check back soon for the short list of nominees to see if your favorites made it! A 🙂

2015 Nominees

Best Super Short (1-10k): Framed (9k) – by Mouserocks Her Wedding Day (6k) – by Michael In The Light Of The Morning (8k) – by Katherine Kent In The Still of the Night (8k) – by Katherine Kent Not A Day At The Beach (9k) – by Mrs Msxyplik Trump Card, The (8k) – by […]